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Rescue the Forgotten

Bread of Life intentionally seeks out the homeless, helpless and the hungry. These individuals have been thrown away by society and are rescued from the streets, garbage dumps, train stations and transformed into productive citizens. In many cases, these individuals reach out and become the rescuers themselves.
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Ordinary to Extraordinary

Bread of life intentionally invites ordinary people to move into extraordinary lives through acts of service. We do this by empowering, encouraging, and equipping people to live for something bigger than themselves. When ordinary people become empowered, encouraged and equipped then they become extraordinary.
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Expand the Reach

Bread of Life International: Poland has expanded to Moldova in Eastern Europe and to Ivory Coast in Western Africa. Bread of Life is intentionally, effectively, and actively, multiplying ministries that are effective on both a local and international scale. We invite you to be a part of this movement. Together, we are Humanity without Barriers!
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Eyeglasses Given


Pounds of Food


Meals Served

  • Rescue the Forgotten
  • Rescue the Forgotten
  • Expand the Reach
  • Expand the Reach
  • Ordinary to Extraordinary
  • Ordinary to Extraordinary

With your partnership, we accomplish:

Right now... These things are happening...

Provide daily food, shelter, clothing, life saving medical care, eye glasses, hearing aids, therapy and education. Read More...
Empowering and training people, churches and organizations to become extraordinary. Read More...
There are still millions in our world today that are forgotten, left in hopeless situations needing to be rescued. With your contributions today we can “Rescue Even One” and empower others to do the same. Join us today and Rescue the Forgotten. Thank you in advance for your partnership. Read More...
Without a partnership with individuals like you, these things, simply, would not happen. If you are not currently a partner, please consider partnerning with us today.

God Changed My Life

From the cold streets, train stations, and hopeless situations these men were rescued by Bread of Life. Bread of Life places these forgotten men into the New Life Rescue Center. And in the NLRC, these men learn what it means to find their identity in Jesus. Upon successful graduation these individuals enter society as extraordinary citizens.

Our Ministries

Bread of Life is leading with new and innovative ways. Here is a list of our projects as we Rescue the Forgotten, turn Ordinary to Extraordinary and Expand the Reach of the Gospel of Christ.

New Life Rescue Center

We rescue homeless-men from the streets, former prisoners with no place to go, and recovering addicts wanting a new start in life. At the New Life Rescue Center these individuals are educated, trained and discover their life with purpose. Upon successful graduation these individuals enter society as extraordinary citizens.

Holy Start

Not only does love warm the heart and a good meal the body, but God warms both heart and soul with his love. Many have no food to eat, especially a warm meal. At the Holy Start Soup Kitchen people find both. Here we are able to provide food, clothing, haircuts, therapy, Bible study, prayer, and most of all the love of Christ.

Rescue Children

More and more children are fighting for their life. Many fighting cancer and life treating diseases, families left hopeless. Bread of Life looks to rescue these children and their families by providing them hope and the opportunity to gain the financial resources for necessary medical operations, therapy and medicines.

Extraordinary Leadership

Each week we move the ordinary to become extraordinary. We do this by developing the idea that we are not to live just for self, but rather to live for something bigger then ourselves-for God and for others. This is the core of discipleship.

ER "Education Rescue"

We fight poverty like it is a disease. Not just physical poverty but educational poverty. We believe that no one should go hungry, suffer from abuse (physical or substance), and live a life by being forgotten. We look to train, provide, and equip children from preschool to university thus giving them the power to break generational poverty and overcome physical and substance abuse.


Through local micro-businesses, we grow local crops for food, trees to sell, bees that produce local organic honey, small personal chicken farms, operate an electronic repair shop and much more to create sustainability.

Plant Local Churches

It’s the responsibility of the local church to make disciples of all people everywhere. Bread of Life is actively developing, strengthening, and equipping local and international churches. Through these efforts we are seeing new churches and para churches reaching their communities and our world for the cause of Christ. This is beautiful.

Rescue Doctors

Many around the world are ‘blind’ and unable to care for themselves, work, go to school and find independence. Our team of specialist’s travel Europe and Africa examine eyes and creating prescription glasses enabling many to see well for the first time in their lives. While at the same time bringing new techniques and equipment to poorer countries, helping equip local doctors.

Our Team

Richard & Brooke Nungesser
Founders of Bread of Life International. They are so happy when they see someone hungry eat, someone lost found and someone forgotten rescued. Richard and Brooke count it a privilege to see how God continues to use ordinary people in extraordinary ways thus expanding the reach of God’s love. They have three beautiful children and live in Poland.
Charles Nz
Director - Ivory Coast
Charles the director of Bread of Life International: Ivory Coast. Little did Charles know that when he came to study in Poland that God would change his heart to rescue the forgotten in his home country. Charles and his team teach and equip individuals and churches his own country how to become extraordinary and now his team is looking to expand through Ivory Coast and West Africa.
Tomek Jeżyk
Director, Kalisz Poland
Tomek Jezyk started as a volunteer for Bread of Life International: Poland while a master’s student in Poznan, Poland. After returning to his home town of Kalisz he couldn’t find a job with the high unemployment rate. But this didn’t stop Tomek, so he did what he knew best. He took hot cups of tea to his local train station giving the love of Christ to homeless men and women. Tomek, now the director of Bread of Life in Kalisz.
Mirek Kolczyk
Mirek knows what he is talking about when it comes to growing up in an abusive home, addictions and prison. God rescued Mirek and today he is leading not just his community but Poland in changing the youth of his country. To fight against addictions, abuse, and to stand for what is right and good. Giving hope from the author of hope, Mirek share’s how Jesus can change the lives of youth for a stronger future.
Steven Bauwens
Creative Director
Steven and Renée met in Poland and are now living here. After feeling called to, Steven has decided to focus his media talents full-time with Bread of Life and is on a mission to communicate and visualise our projects to the rest of the world. Renee has a kind hart and a great writing talent, which makes this an unstoppable team.
Reinier van den Berg
Director, Bread of Life Poland
Passion for God and passion for people. Reinier, a Dutchman, married to Maja, his Polish wife, are always on the lookout to serve those in need. Reinier served on the governing council for Bread of Life Poland from 2010-2018. In 2018, Reinier became the director of Bread of Life Poland serving full time. They have three beautiful children. We are so blessed and encouraged by their passion for God and people.

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"Without Bread of Life I would be dead on the streets. But now I am rescuing those that were forgotten just like me”

Needed Medical Equipment

The Right To See Well! (End Goal: $7,500) Currently at $1,000. Remaining $6,500 to give sight. With our current medical equipment it takes an average of 20 minutes to examine one person. With the purchase of a portable automatic refractometer we will be able to exam and have the results in just about 15 seconds. Imagine how many more people will have new sight!

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Our media department is used to cover all our projects using modern technology as we report back to our sponsors, partners and donors. We ask that you generously give to this portion of our ministry as technology continually changes and we use these funds to help make our marketing and multi-media ministries relevant and up to date.

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