Rescue the Forgotten

Rescue the Forgotten

Bread of Life intentionally seeks out the homeless, helpless and the hungry. These individuals have been thrown away by society and are rescued from the streets, garbage dumps, train stations and transformed into productive citizens. In many cases, these individuals reach out and become the rescuers themselves.

Bread of Life Moldova found 16 year old Veronika living, eating and surviving at the city garbage dump. As a child it was her dream to become a culinary chef…but poverty stripped her of her dreams. Eating only food found at the garbage dump, she carefully cherished each bite. Our team rescued her with love, food, education and hope. She now has her culinary license and a full time job. When not at work she volunteers her time making food for homeless men, women and children living at the dump. Veronika, once the rescuer!

We invite you to rescue the forgotten.


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Bread of Life International is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charitable organization based in Gilbert, AZ, USA. All financial gifts are tax deductible and processed by In Touch Mission International. To donate you will be automatically transferred to our secure webpage. Please then choose the amount you wish to give. For your convenience select 'make my monthly recurring donation' and next month your donation will be automatically done for you.

"Without Bread of Life I would be dead on the streets. But now I am rescuing those that were forgotten just like me”